In a shadow state


How to describe a patch of land in the footsteps of a tower. It lies there defined by the boardwalk lines, overtaken by the monument. In the shadows, holding memories and future expectations, we searched to discover the essence of The Parachute Jump site. By creating a basic recognizable yet ambiguous space without adding clich├ęs of pavilion architecture, we formed a void aiming directly to cause sensations. The only revealed proof of its existence is a graphical, powerful, surface intervention. To discover what it consists of or where does it lead requires a brave dive into its depths. Entering the cut of the circular roof we find ourselves in the middle of extraordinary play of light and space. The visitors will be absorbed here, following pair of ramps crossing and twisting around the void underneath. Gentle openings hide functional volumes of store, offices, and service rooms. Despite their position behind walls and communication ramps, they are also supplied with natural light & air from the surface. Moving downwards we cross into another space. This sculptural volume of almost monumental dimensions is confronted with a very intimately arranged restaurant area. Proposed basic, mathematical, object literally inhabits the shadows of the site. A new layer of sensations reveals itself in a shadow state of the Parachute Tower.


Prijsvraag ism 247 architecture
247 / MR7
Arek Seredyn / Remco Arnold
Coney Island - New York
Ontwerp, technische + grafische uitwerking